Lynne spent the first 18 years of her life “in the military.”  Her father was career Air Force.  Lynne was given the gift of change where she developed the skills of exploration, flexibility and adaptation. Every few years there were new people, places and things to discover.

     These early experiences created in Lynne a passion for getting to know people.  Couple this with an innate curiosity for life and Lynne found she had a skill for asking people questions that lead them to new discoveries about themselves.

     After college, Lynne worked for a number of years in a dental office.  She ran the front office and worked chair-side as a dental assistant.  Later she taught dental radiography, dental materials and office management at the local university and ended up being the director of a program that was going to close.

     Lynne saw the opportunity in this change.  She started a consulting firm with a colleague and the rest is history.  For the last 20 years, Lynne has dedicated her practice to creating team environments where people are having fun, being productive and making a difference.  Lynne’s programs help a business explore their
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phone: 231-598-4017     e-mail:
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phone: 231-598-4017     e-mail:
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vision and mission, set goals that everyone commits to and find ways to have fun while they get things done!

     “You are with your co-workers for 8-10 hours every day.  My belief is that you build your work community by really trusting each other and having a voice in the direction your company is headed.  And you can do that in any company. You absolutely need to find a way to have meaningful conversations.”

     Programs are designed to be experiential. “I’m a hands-on learner and like to create opportunities for people to have a chance to feel, explore, challenge themselves in ways that traditional programming doesn’t always provide,” commented Lynne. Lynne partners with other companies and has included activities such as skeet shooting, horseback riding, treasure hunts, spider webs and orienteering in the program.
“I heard an artist once say that he loved a life with surprises…….that’s how I feel about my work!”
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