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Planning Survey
1. What are the top three strengths of your organization?
Contact Information:
2. What have you experienced, seen or been told that tells a compelling
    story that communicates what you are all about as an organization?
3. What change, within your organization or industry, might have
    the greatest impact on you in the future?
4. When you think of your organization, what key words come to mind?
5. Organizationally, what do you feel are the top two critical  
    issues that need to be addressed during this next year?

6. What are three wishes that you have for your organization?
Please answer Questions 8-10 only if we currently have a Planning Session scheduled
8. What "wishes" might you have for our Planning Session?
9. What needs to happen in order for us to feel like it has been successful?
10. Is there anything we can do prior to the session that would help to make the session a success?
7. Anything else?
phone: 231-598-4017    
     This tool can help you to create a focus for your organization. Use it with your team to see what everyone is thinking.  Some of the questions would be good to ask your customers!