Lynne guides you through an appreciative approach that helps you focus on your passions and strengths as you plan for your preferred future.

     Lynne will work with you to find a place and create a program where you can relax, reflect and renew as you plan your preferred future.
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phone: 231-598-4017     e-mail:
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phone: 231-598-4017     e-mail:
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Individual Renewal Retreats
“Lynne encourages you to expand your horizons...even the ones you can't see yet!"
UPCOMING EVENTS:  2011 dates will be coming soon!
     Wouldn’t you love to take a weekend to get away from the noise and have the opportunity to hear your own voice again?  Want to revisit some dreams you’ve left by the wayside, or open up new possibilities?  Take an opportunity to get to know yourself again, and reflect on where you are in life.
     Planning & Creativity Coach Lynne Scheible and Transition Specialist Amanda Venier will explore how our stories create our current reality, and how viewing them differently, and allowing yourself to dream can open up amazing possibilities.

Dates: 2011 dates will be coming soon!
Weekend Retreat