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Use your community biking/hiking trails - add a “treasure hunt”

Use your waterways - canoeing, tubing, fishing

Create Theme Months and have an activity that complements the theme
Having Fun With Your Team
Watch a movie together and use it to enliven your conversation about leadership, problem solving, team dynamics (Try watching Apollo 13, Toy Story, Remember the Titans, and Hoosiers to name a few)

Book Study

Bowling, golfing, tennis, ice skating, volleyball, wallyball

Company Olympics - Watermelon roll, hoola-hoop pass, leap frog, javelin throw (with a toothpick), discus throw (with a paper plate), 200 yard dash (unroll 200 yards of thread)

Wagon rides, Sleigh Rides, Horseback riding

Ropes Course, climbing wall, map and compass course (orienteering)

Local Artist - Coordinate a class to do pottery, drawing, painting, cartooning - focus on thinking outside of the box